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About Us

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HappySexDoLL is located in Japan. The registered company in Hong Kong has been registered. Our factory has returned to Guangdong Province, China. Committed to the development and production of national patent products-simulation soft elastomer model. Ten years of export experience. So far, it has been exported to more than 8 countries. We have agents in some countries and are still looking for agents in different countries. Our factory model uses advanced simulation software made with the latest environmentally friendly materials (TPE). Using advanced and unique production technology, the skin on the surface of the model is smooth, delicate and elastic. It has general softness, elasticity and human skin feel and visual sense. All materials comply with national health and safety standards that are harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly.

Contact Details: 13510010047@139.com

Our company has been committed to the design and production of various colloidal toys and models.

In the pursuit of beauty, we must stick to a vision: we hope that our work is not only “manufacturing”, but “creation”.

Therefore, our sculptors, engineers, makeup artists and other personnel must continuously improve in every production step, and strive to be the best in every detail.

In enterprise research and development, we invest a lot of money every year to develop new products or new performance, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeletons.

Our silicone dolls are not only adult sex toys, but also works of art. We are committed to creating beauty and helping you realize your dreams.

Our mission is to promote openness and innovation, continuous progress, and strive for perfection. HappySexDoLL insists on creating more high-quality and practical dolls for you.

Our core competitiveness lies in the variety and excellent performance of our products. We have perfected the performance improvement of silicone sex dolls, and believe that we will usher in a market that continues to expand and grow.

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